What is organ donation and transplantation?


Would you want your child or a member of your family to receive a life saving Organ Transplant?

If yes, then you should become an Organ Donor.

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The need for a life saving Organ Transplant has no ethnic, age, life style or class distinction.

Paediatric transplantation is now almost as routine as adult transplantation; however the chronic shortage of Organs for Transplantation means that currently three thousand five hundred people, including children, die every year in Europe waiting for a life saving Organ Transplant.

There are now over a million and a half people alive in the world today because of Organ Transplantation. It saves and restores lives, and it gives great hope to the many thousands of people all over Europe waiting for a life saving Organ Transplant.

The transplantation of Organs is now an established and routine medical procedure with extremely high success rates.

New and improved surgical, medical, nursing and post operative care procedures, combined with the latest immunosuppressant therapies and medication means that recipients are living much longer, returning to work or school, getting married and having children, taking their place back in their families, contributing again to society, and fully enjoying their second chance.

The EHLTF pays tribute with respect and humility to the goodness and compassion of all Organ Donors and their families.


This video tells about the great gift of organ donation:



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