1. Integrity


  • Fairness and decency in all relationships.
  • Transparent and accurate financial reporting.
  • Integrity in our behaviour and good stewardship of all resources in our care.


2. Life


  • Respect for life, including transplant needy patients, their families, Organ Donor Families and all who contribute to patient well-being and the success of Organ transplantation.

3. Advocacy


  • Engagement with the Council of Europe, the European Commission and the European Commissioner for Health to articulate the Federations position on all matters concerning Organ Donation, Procurement and Transplantation.
  • To actively encourage Organ Donor awareness through our National Association membership.

4. Membership Support


  • To enhance our ability to provide help, support, guidance and information to our National Association membership and to all who contact us.
  • To encourage the rehabilitation of transplant recipients through medication compliance, fitness and sport.

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