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(Reprogramming the Immune System for Establishment of Tolerance) Transplantation dramatically improves survival of patients with organ failure. However, as a direct consequence of immunosuppressive drugs, recipients have a significantly increased risk of both, infections and malignancies. Recent scientific advances indicate that the induction of tolerance, defined as permanent acceptance of transplant in absence of continuous immunosuppression , is an achievable goal. RISET is a multinational European project financed by the European Commission that will focus on the translation of these advances in research into clinical practise and industrial development. All details on the project can be found at: For the RISET Newsletter 2009 patients and patient organizations were given the possibility of providing their views on the topic of immunotolerance – what their concerns are, what they would like to tell to the public and they would like to address to the people working behind to make immunotolerance in transplantation and immunomonitoring for improving patient’s reality. Terry Mangan, Chairman of the EHLTF, provided a letter of support for the project from our patient organization point of view. This letter is printed in the RISET Newsletter 2009 under part 4 “The patient Forum” and you can find it in the section “Downloads” of this website and on the RISET website at

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