EHLTF General Assembly, Brussels, June 13th, 2009.

The General Assembly of the European Heart and Lung Transplant Federation took place in Brussels on the 13th June 2009. President Terry Mangan warmly welcomed 13 out of 17 delegates member of the Federation, and 5 applicants for the new provisional membership. The President paid tribute to the former EHLTF secretary Jean de Cannart who had recently passed away. The meeting commenced with a most interesting presentation by Dr. L. Coene on the very successful Belgian model of Organ Donation, Procurement and Transplantation and its organisational structures. Dr Coene is the head of the organization “Beldonor” ( and an influential member of the Committee of Experts on Transplantation at the European Commission. This presentation was followed by the distribution of Transplant activity figures and statistics for all EHLTF member and provisional members. This was followed by a presentation by the Swedish Organizing Committee of the 13th European Heart and Lung Transplant Games which takes place in Sweden in 2010. The date for the Games has already been fixed for the period from June 30th to July 4th 2010. The venue is the town of Växjö in Southern Sweden, which is internationally well known for its modern sports facilities. The participation fee for competitors, family members and supporters has been held at EUR 480 (as 2008) and for young people up to 18 years to EUR 240 per person. The detailed registration and participation documents will be sent out in November 2009 and in August a special website ( will be set up, which will provide regular up-dates and information regarding the Games. The Federation warmly welcomed the first General Assembly attendance of representatives of the Provisional Member countries, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Lithuania. With the support of EHLTF these countries are endeavouring to establish National Heart and Lung Transplant Patient support organizations. It is hoped that they will eventually seek EHLTF membership. The EHLTF is grateful to the delegates from these countries for their help and commitment. Only Lithuania, who does not yet meet the pre-requisites, did not accept the Provisional Member quality. The meeting was delighted to welcome the delegate from the newly formed Hungarian Heart and Lung Transplant association. Greece was welcomed by the General Assembly as17th EHLTF member After dealing with the usual agenda items, the Chairman, thanking all delegates, closed the meeting.

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