25 years of Heart Transplantation in Vienna

25 years ago, the first Heart Transplantation was performed at the Vienna General Hospital. The Vienna Medical University took this occasion to organize a highly acclaimed symposium with international participants together with the Heart Transplantation team of the General Hospital. First of all, the aspects of the Heart Transplantation were discussed from the point of the view of doctors, ethicians, patients and health authorities in a lively and partially controversial panel discussion, in which the medical director of Eurotransplant, Dr. Axel Rahmel, also participated. In the following presentations, Austrian and international experts talked about all areas associated with Heart Transplantation, the state of the art and the future of Heart Transplantation. Special attention was paid to the presentation by Professor Mehra of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT) on the topic “International Progress in Heart Transplantation and the Vienna Factor”. 1138 successful heart transplantations have been performed at the Vienna General Hospital between 1984 and today. The early survival rate is about 95 percent, the ten-year survival rate amounts to 70 percent. Three persons who were heart-transplanted in 1985 attended this symposium and demonstrated all advantages of transplantation: A new life, regaining quality of life and a positive outlook on the future.

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