Provisional EHLTF Members

On occasion of the 10th European Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation in Ljubljana on 18th October the EHLTF Managing Committee held its Autumn meeting and met with patient representatives from Croatia, Romania and Slovenia who are undertaking efforts to establish Heart and Lung patient organisations. Following detailed discussions the MC decided to create an EHLTF "provisional membership" category enabling the use of the Federations name in pursuit of support and in representation to National governments or health authorities towards the establishment of patient support organisation. The terms of a "provisional membership" are: - No payments of membership fees to the EHLTF, - Participation in the EHLTF General Assembly without having a vote, - Entitlement to receive all correspondence sent to National Associations, - Entitlement to refer to the COOPERATION with the EHLTF in fundraising efforts and other activities, - No action ON BEHALF OF the EHLTF and no fundraising in the name of the EHLTF. In addition to the aforementioned countries, provisional membership has also been accepted by Slovakia. The committee is also in contact with Lithuania, Russia, Bulgaria and through our Slovakian provisional member, hope to make contact with the Czech Republic. For contacts, the "provisional members" are listed separately in the menu line "List of Members" of our website"

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