Danish Centre for Organ Donation

The Danish Centre for Organ Donation, which commenced its activities in June 2008, has engaged two employees. One is a nurse who previously had a function as a transplant coordinator, the other one is head clerk. The Danish Heart and Lung Transplant Association has established a good relationship with the Centre, which has already made a plan with all intensive care units in Denmark for a better organization of the staff responsible for information of relatives before, during and after donation. The Centre has a steering committee and the Danish Heart Foundation has a member in this committee. It is Mr. Preben Qvist Sørensen, a strong advocate for Organ Donation and Transplantation. He was a former director of a large Danish company and a promoter and organizer of the Gift for Life campaign 6 years ago with 160.000 new registrations in the Danish Donor Register. Mr. Sørensen is also a committee member of the Danish Heart Foundation. The EUR 535.000 expensive Organ Donation campaign, which started in June, resulted in 62.000 new registrations in the Register. Almost 650 volunteers were on the streets in 50 of the largest Danish cities and informed about Donation and handed over relevant material. 41 volunteers came from the Danish Heart and Lung Transplant Association. So the campaign was a success, but what the effect in the long run will be is hard to assess.

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