Danish Centre for Organ Donation.

The Danish government has appointed Helle Haubro Anderson as leader of the new €1.200.000 organ donation centre. Ms Anderson is from the University in Aarhus, educated as a jurist, and has many years experience of working with ethical matters. The centre will have a secretariat based at The Skejby University Hospital, Aarhus, and a quick turn-out team of specialists, including the existing key figures at the separate anaesthesia and intensive care units in Danish hospitals. The centre will coordinate all activities together with the three transplant coordinators The function of the centre is to support hospital staff involved in organ donation. It will be possible for these staff members to call on the quick turn-out team, and to offer all practical support in connection with organ donation. The resources to the key figures in the Organ Donor chain will be strengthened and they will be responsible for ensuring that all potential Organ Donors are identified. They will also be responsible for methodically gathering and recording causes of death and the potential for Organ Donation. The Danish Centre for Organ Donation will also be responsible for education, the sharing of knowledge and the monitoring of all activities of transplantation. The centre will be an integral part of a steering committee, including the hospital owners, transplant coordinators, specialist societies, and relevant patient associations. The Centre is planned to commence activities in June 2008 Pelle Christiansen, Chairman,Danish Heart and Lung Transplant Association.

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