News from the 11th Annual General Meeting at Geneva Oct.13th 2005

Changes to our Statutes. In addition to several minor changes to our Statutes it was decided to change the name of the Federation. The present name; European Heart Transplant Federation (EHTF) was amended to read: European Heart and Lung Transplant Federation (EHLTF) Election of a new President (now called Chairman) and members to the Managing Committee (MC)

After 11 years on the Managing Committee of the Federation of which 6 years as President, Audun Bell from Norway, had found that the time had come to retire from the management of the Federation and did therefore not stand for re-election. He was replaced by Terry Mangan, who has been a member of the MC since 2000 and Secretary since last year. Ilkka Vass, previously Vice-President and Treasurer were re-elected to the Committee together with Raymonde Charlot from France and Thomas Krüger from Germany. Pelle Bo Christiansen, Secretary of the Danish Association, was elected as a new member of the Managing Committee. After its constitution the new MC looks as follows; Terry Mangan, Ireland, Chairman Raymonde Charlot . France, Vice-Chairman David Walker, UK, Secretary Ilkka Vass, Finland, Treasurer Josef Wiesbauer, Ass. Treasurer Thomas Krüeger, Germany, Member Pelle Bo Christiansen, Denmark, Member

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