General Congress 2011 of the Polish Heart Transplant Association STS Warsaw, 3-5 June 2011

The President of the Polish Heart Transplant Association STS, Miroslaw Czechovski, invited EHLTF chairman Arnulf Pohl to attend the STS General Congress, which took place at the Hotel Resort WDW Rynia, on Lake Zegrze, Warsaw.


The Polish Heart Transplant Association, with around 400 members, is one of the leading patient groups in Poland. About 100 participants attended this meeting. The main features of the program were the Association’s General Assembly , presentations of prominent experts on Transplantation and social events.


In various talks with STS representatives, aims, tasks and activities were discussed, always expressing the great importance of sports for organ recipients.

As it is obvious that this area is not sufficiently fostered by official Polish Institutions, it was agreed that, in case of need, the EHLTF would provide a “Supporting Letter” for the competent Health Authorities in Warsaw. Such a letter should emphasize and serve the purpose that more attention is paid to financial support of national sports events for all organ recipients and their possibilities to participate in international events as well.


Amidst the recommendations, the EHLTF Chairman also expressed the wish to include as many heart recipients of regional Polish groups as possible in the Association STS. Also lung recipients should be considered as members in the future, as it is the intention of the European Federation to embrace and represent all Heart and Lung transplanted patients and their families in Europe.


Eventually, Arnulf Pohl congratulated President Miroslaw Czechovski for this Congress on behalf of the European Heart and Lung Transplant Federation. He expressed his sincere thanks to him and his staff for the kind welcome and treatment and especially for the honour to receive for the Federation the Medal of Gratitude “Noble Heart”. He wished the Polish Heart Transplant Association and its members a successful future and promised that the EHLTF would do its very best in helping them.

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