First/Establishing meeting of a new patient group Dar Života (Gift of Life) in Slovakia


First public meeting and event of a newly established Slovak national patient group of people after Heart Transplantation took place end of March at the Slovak National Heart Transplant clinic in Bratislava. Around 30 patients, family members and doctors got-together to commemorate the deceased donors by planting a commemoration tree in front of the clinic, where most of us have got the chance for a new life. After the planting of the tree and speeches, small “Red Hearts emblems” have been distributed among participants and clipped on the heart of their windbreakers jackets, to symbolize their membership to the new patient group called “Dar života” (Gift of Live). Subsequently, a one-hour-walk was organized to the popular system of medieval mills called “Železná Studienka” (Iron well). The walk took us through the woods and despite the unstable weather, all participants showed a good spirit and high level of fitness. After the tour a small get-together took place and all the issues of our lives were discussed. During the closing speeches, our Association announced a picture contest named “Život ide daľej” (Life goes on) for the spring 2011 We now have plenty of time to gather our everyday adventures and pictures and to enter the contest which I am sure, will be hard. It was a lovely day and we hope for a lot more days like this in the future. Lubos Michalov, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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