EHLTF General Assembly, Växjö, July 2nd 2010

In the course of the 13th EHLTF Games in Växjö, Sweden the Annual General Assembly of the European Heart and Lung Transplant Federation was held on July 2nd 2010. President Terry Mangan warmly welcomed delegates of 15 of the 16 member countries, representatives of the provisional member countries Croatia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia as well as guests from Germany and Bulgaria. The central topics of the GA were: Awarding of the Games 2012 André Lassooij from the Netherlands gave a presentation about the host city Apeldoorn and proposed to use the facilities there for the Games in 2012. This proposal was well accepted by the General Assembly and the President thanked him and the Dutch Heart and Lung Transplant Association Harten Twee for agreeing to host these Games. The town of Apeldoorn is located about 80 km southeast of Amsterdam and is internationally well known for its sports facilities. The date of the Games has been set for the period of June 27th to July 1st; the expected participation fee will amount to EUR 500 per person again. Approval of countries offered “Full and Provisional EHLTF Membership” Slovenia, a provisional member until now, had applied for full membership of the Federation. After having checked that Slovenia meets with all the necessary criteria the Managing Committee proposed to the General Assembly to accept their application. Approval was given and Slovenia was welcomed as new EHLTF Member with a round of applause. This was followed by the confirmation of Lithuania’s application of October 2009 for provisional membership and the acceptance of Bulgaria as a new provisional member. The General Assembly welcomed both countries as new provisional EHLTF members. Following that, the representatives of the provisional member countries gave brief reports on the activities of their organisations and the state of their efforts to become full members of the Federation. Address by the retiring Chairman Terry Mangan, the retiring President, gave a remarkable presentation on the very positive development of the Federation during the years of his presidency, where the Federation stands today and what the tasks and challenges are in the future. He wished EHLTF a continued positive development for the future and the MC success for its work. Moreover, he agreed to support EHLTF with his advice and experience as needed. Election to the Managing Committee and election of the new Chairman There were two vacancies on the Managing Committee due to the retirement of Terry Mangan and the retiring of Secretary David Walker by rotation. David Walker had been nominated by his National Association and had confirmed to stand for re-election. For the other position in the Committee, only the Norwegian Heart and Lung Transplant Association submitted the nomination of Oyvind Iversen. Both candidates were duly elected and welcomed by the General Assembly. This was followed by Terry Mangan’s recommendation to nominate the current Vice Chairman Arnulf Pohl from Austria as the new Chairman of the Federation. This was accepted unanimously and Arnulf Pohl was duly elected Chairman. Eventually, Arnulf Pohl thanked Terry Mangan on behalf of the General Assembly for all the successful work he had done for the Federation during the last 10 years and presented an engraved beer glass as farewell gift to him.

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