Organ Transplantations - historical success achieved in quality and safety of transplantation process in Europe The European Parliament adopted on May 19th, with an overwhelming majority, the Report by Miroslav Mikolásik MEP on the standards of quality and safety of human organs intended for transplantation. "This is an important milestone in the history and success of transplantations. I welcome the smooth adoption of the Directive and Action Plan. By setting high standards for quality and safety of the transplantation process, we can help thousands of patients throughout the EU", said Rapporteur Miroslav Mikolásik."Frameworks for quality and safety will be established in all Member States to cover all stages of the chain from donation to transplantation and they will be encouraged on better cooperation and exchange of organs among themselves", Mikolávik added. He particularly welcomed the promotion of a transplant coordinator or coordination team and specific training programmes for healthcare personnel involved which have proved to be of great importance. The Directive will enter into force later this year and Member States will have to transpose it within two years and subsequently report on the progress achieved. We shall post the Directive on this website as soon as it is officially published.

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