Human tests of the CARMAT artificial heart

The health authorities have approved the company CARMAT to experiment in France their artificial heart prototype in four patients suffering from terminal heart failure, who are not eligible for a heart transplant, and who have been given a short time lethal prognosis. The clinical feasibility studies will be achieved by three chirurgical teams after the selection of the patients in the following hospitals: European Hospital Georges Pompidou in Paris, Surgical center Marie Lannelongue Plessis-Robinson and North Laënnec Hospital CHU Nantes.

Success will be measured by one month survival rates or by the evolution of the condition of the patient towards transplant if found eligibility.

Let's remind you that, last May, the company was allowed to perform such tests in four heart centers in Belgium, Poland, Slovenia and Saudi Arabia.

The sophisticated operation of the artificial heart is controlled by sensors, software and electronic systems. The materials are specially designed to prevent blood clotting.

Major newspapers and French media have widely spread that information. For more details see for example the English version of the site :

874 patients were on the waiting list for a heart transplant in France in 2012 whereas only 398 transplants were achieved.

If cardiac mechanical pumps are now widely used in transplant waiting or non-eligible patients, researchs such as a total artificial heart and the potential of stem cells are conducted, due to the lack of donors and also to the extension of life life span for people suffering from heart diseases.

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