EHLTF General Assembly - Brussels, May 28th 2011

The Annual General Assembly of the European Heart and Lung Transplant Federation was held in Brussels on 28th May 2011. 

The Chairman, Arnulf Pohl, warmly welcomed delegates of 17 of the 22 EHLTF member countries and extended a particularly cordial welcome to the representatives of the Spanish Heart Transplant Federation FETCO, President Emilio Bautista Soto and Secretary Angel Garcia Cantero. He added that it was a real pleasure to once again have Spain represented at the EHLTF meeting after a long break.

The meeting commenced with a very interesting presentation by Dr. Dimitri Mikhalsky of the Department of Abdominal Surgery and Transplantation at the Brussels Erasmus Hospital. Dr. Mikhalsky’s topic was Eurotransplant and the changes being made to incorporate the emerging Eastern European countries. He believes one of his main objectives is to stimulate colleagues and other professionals by explaining and showing how transplantation is successful. He also feels that it is very important that the populations of countries within Europe are provided with information about transplantation. This presentation can be seen in the section “Downloads/EHLTF News” of this website.

This was followed by a presentation of Vice Chairman André Lassooij and members of the Local Organizing Committee of the 14th EHLT Games, which will take place in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, from 27th June to 1st July 2012. Brochures in English, French and German and Posters were handed out for advertising the Games. You will find more information and a promotional video at


Other main topics of this GA meeting were:

Approval of countries applying for Full Membership. The Managing Committee had received applications from Spain, Croatia, Romania and Slovakia for full membership of the Federation. Having checked that they meet all the necessary criteria, the Committee proposed to the General Assembly to accept these four applications. Approval was given and all four countries were welcomed as new EHLTF members with a round of applause. In addition to short reports of the Croatian and Romanian delegates, President Emilio Bautista Soto gave a comprehensive presentation on the activities of FETCO and the role they play in the area of Organ Donation and Transplantation in Spain. The detailed presentation can be seen in the section “Downloads/Contributions of Member Organisations” of this website.

Awarding of the Games for 2014. As no applications to host the 2014 Games had been received by the deadline 1st April 2011, it was with relief that, at last, a bid was submitted by the British Heart & Lung Transplant Association. EHLTF Secretary David Walker, also Chairman of the BHLTA, made a presentation of their proposal and after prompted applause the GA gave its approval for Great Britain to host the 15th EHLT Games in 2014. You will find this presentation in the section “Downloads/EHLTF News”.

Elections to the Managing Committee. There were three vacancies on the Managing Committee this year and four nominations had been received for these positions. As three persons are expected to retire from the MC in the coming three years and due to the workload of the preparation for the Games in 2012 and 2014, the MC recommended to increase the size from six to seven members. That recommendation was accepted by the GA and all four candidates were elected to the MC. The GA congratulated Vice-President André Lassooij and Treasurer Pelle Christiansen for being re-elected and welcomed Christian Pierard, Belgium, and Brendan Gilligan, Ireland, as new MC members. Eventually, Seppo Lösönen, who retires from the MC, was bid farewell with many thanks for his valuable work. 

After dealing with the other agenda items, the Chairman, thanking all delegates, closed the meeting.

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