Report on the EPF Annual Meeting 2016

Tuesday morning started terrible and unexpected bombing at the airport first and then the subway. Everybody who travels this day get a call from the organizers to see where all the delegates were. A turbulent morning where the congress was unchanged in time and programmatically.

In summary, the annual meeting passed off well and a new board was appointed which a new elected rest became re-election.

Anders Olauson, who was chairman resigned and Marco Greco became the new chairman for a period of two years. Anders Olauson was awarded the title of Honorary President.

Information about what the youth group does and that they want more people to the group from different countries. 15-29 is the age of the participants in the youth group.

Short summary of what EPF has done during the year and what the plan is for the future. There is, among other things EPF platform that is designed to both facilitate contact between all the different compounds but also a platform that is designed to convey the activities around Europe. There will also be various documents to be uploaded as you can take part of. Document will be uploaded by the EPF but various compounds to be if I understood it correctly able to upload documents that may be of interest to others. Via this platform should be able to have video calls and there are chat capabilities. The two latter are the two reasons and because it is on a single platform, but also to chat is "private" in relation to the FB. The platform is built on the same principle but with more details and said privately.

On our own next board meeting I'll show platform that I think will be good for easier collaboration with others associations in Europa who is members in EPF.

Meeting many interesting people and will contact some for further cooperation. The ones I will contact the different "umbrella associations" in some countries including Poland.


Written by Jenny Björk



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