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In the Minutes of the Competent Authority Meeting on Organ Donation and Transplantation (EC, Health and Consumers Directorate-General) held in Brussels on 26/27 September 2011 the following is specified:




6.1. Cooperation between countries of the Black Sea Area Project: Developement of donation and transplantation of organs, tissues and cells activities (Council of Europe).


This project aims to strengthen transplant activities in and enhance collaboration between the countries bordering the Black Sea (Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Georgia and Russia). The cooperation is supported and presented by the Council of Europe. Much also depends on local political support and availability of funding to set up the local transplant system. Several EU experts are also involved in the Black Sea Area project.


6.2. South-Eastern European Health Network


This project aims to strengthen transplant activities and enhance collaboration between the countries in the South-Eastern Europe (Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro,.Romania and Bulgaria). The cooperation is supported by the WHO, TTS, ISODP and ESOT. Croatia is one of the leading countries.


The European Heart and Lung Transplant Federation will observe the progress of these projects and offer, where appropriate, its support to establish and manage patient groups for heart and lung recipients and patients on the waiting list.

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