The main activities and objectives of our Federation are:

  • To promote and protect the interest of all European Heart and Lung Transplant recipients.
  • To promote Organ Donor awareness through sporting, social and National events.
  • To provide information on Transplant issues to our wider membership and to promote and encourage the exchange of information and experiences between National Associations.
  • To provide support and leadership to our wider membership
  • To engage with European Political Institutions and agencies in the promotion and advancement of health issues within the area of Organ Donation, Procurement and Transplantation.
  • To seek membership of European health committees through the European Union and the Council of Europe to advance our primary objectives.
  • To become the respected and authoritative pan-European Patient voice reflecting the views, opinions and needs of its growing membership on all matters surrounding Organ Donation, Procurement and Transplantation.


"Organ Transplantation is a great step forward in science’s service to man!"
(Pope John Paul II - Rome - August 2000)

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